Ikea, Pippi Longstocking and a red wooden house by the lake - a lot of positive associations buzz through our heads when we think of Sweden. But what really distinguishes Sweden as a travel destination?

Sweden has impressive archipelago coasts, deep blue lakes and beautiful, beaches that invite you to linger, sunbathe and enjoy cruises on the water. In addition to Sweden's breathtaking maritime side, the fabulous nature also captivates with endless, green forests that make for leisurely walks, extensive day hikes and other outdoor activities. The cultural landscape also leaves nothing to be desired: fairytale castles and palace gardens, charming small cities with exciting museums and a wide range of entertainment - it doesn't get boring in Sweden!

All in all, Sweden impresses with its relaxed flair, authenticity, charm and diversity.

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The water is an essential part of the many picturesque Swedish picture book landscapes. We recommend a trip along the rocky Swedish West coast and a visit to the car-free island of Marstrand. Enjoy an archipelago cruise from Stockholm and explore the East coast of Sweden in depth. The tranquil city of Karlskrona in the southeast is also preceded by a beautiful archipelago, which can be explored during a trip combined with trips to Kalmar and Öland. A trip to Vättern, Sweden's second largest lake, is also recommended. In addition to its charming location on Lake Vättern, the charming town of Gränna situated at the foot of Gränna mountain and is characterized by its steep streets and old wooden houses. Visingö, a small cozy island in the middle of Lake Vättern, is also accessible by a small ferry from Gränna for a leisurely day trip.


The Göta Canal flows through Sweden and connects the North and Baltic Seas. It is one of the largest and most impressive construction projects in Sweden! The 58 locks of the canal are spread over a distance of 190 km. Whether by bike, on a leisurely boat trip or on one of the beautiful hiking trails - there are many ways to discover the Göta Canal. A visit to one of the locks should not be missed!


The Swedish cities such as Gothenburg and Malmö attract a lot of visitors every year, as does the popular capital Stockholm. Built on 14 islands, the city is considered the "Venice of the North", therefore a canal tour is an absolute must for all Stockholm visitors. In addition, the city offers a variety of cultural experiences such as the ABBA Museum, the Vasa Museum and the Royal Castle. A visit to the fairytale palaces and gardens such as Gripsholm in Mariefred or Sofiero in Helsingborg are also Royal highlights.