Denmark – one of the happiest countries in the world! This is largely due to Danish "hygge", a unique term of coziness, comfort and feeling content. The Danes are good at appreciating the little things in life and enjoy themselves in good company with delicious food.

Denmark is known for its varied history - from the infamous Vikings, to the world's oldest monarchy and for its modern democracy with a world-class level of education. Here you will find innovation and creativity in different areas of life, such as architecture and gastronomy. The small kingdom is famous for big names like Søren Kierkegaard, Niels Bohr and Hans Christian Andersen as well as for brands like LEGO, Tuborg and Carlsberg.

Below we have divided Denmark geographically into Jutland and the three islands of Funen, Zealand and Bornholm. Read what makes these different travel destinations special and what experiences are waiting for you there!

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The Lively and lovely capital city of Copenhagen is located on Zealand. The metropolis offers a wide variety of sights – Royal Palaces, the lively Nyhavn harbour district, amusement park TIVOLI, The Little Mermaid, and the beautiful Opera house. Zealand is much more than just Copenhagen. The former Viking stronghold of Roskilde, the fantastic Frederiksborg Castle and the famous Kronborg fortress from Shakespeare's “Hamlet” are just a few of many attractions outside the capital.


A visit to the second largest city, Aarhus is a must see if you are visiting Jutland. The European Capital of Culture of 2017 offers a diverse range of culture. “Den Gamle By” open-air museum with its approximately 80 historic buildings gives a true-to-life impression of everyday life in Denmark from the 16th century to present day. This is a large contrast to the modern art museum ARoS, which on the roof of the building you can take a stroll through the magnificent Rainbow Panorma colour tunnel. The region of Silkeborg, the Djursland peninsula and the island of Samsø are in the vicinity of Aarhus and due to their beautiful nature, are worthwhile day excursions. Denmark's most northern town Skagen is famous for its yellow houses and the beach “Grenen”. At the northern tip of Grenen you stand with one leg in the North Sea and the other in the Baltic Sea.


The island of Funen is the fragrant orchard of Denmark and was home to the popular fairytale poet Hans Christian Andersen. In Odense, the largest city on Funen, the poets' house can be visited, where the writer grew up under modest circumstances before he enriched the world with his imaginative and charming fairytales. In the southern part of Funen there is one of the most famous castles in Denmark - the impressive Renaissance castle "Egeskov" beautifully located with a spacious garden and park. The castle, the labyrinth and various museums are all accessible to visitors.

In recent years, Funen has also made a name for itself as a destination for bicycle trips along the beautiful Southern coast of Funen.


Denmark's popular holiday island Bornholm boasts imposing cliff formations, beautiful sandy beaches, unique round churches and Northern Europe's largest medieval castle ruin, Hammershus.

Handcraft traditions are still alive on Bornholm, numerous ceramists and glassblowers invite you to their open workshops. The chefs are always proving their creativity and reinterpreting the famous island herring again and again.