Extensive pristine nature, modern cities and magnificent mansions: The 3 Baltic States have many facets and is often underestimated as a travel destination. The Baltic region is not yet as tourist developed as many other European countries and is therefore still a hidden gem to many.

Anyone looking for natural idyll is on the right address on the Baltic island of Saaremaa. The many charming post windmills, cozy fishing villages and colorful juniper and orchid fields are characteristic of the largest island in Estonia. In spite of pure nature, there is definitely no abstinence from the big cities in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Artistic old towns, magnificent palaces and the many historical museums tell the moving history of the Baltics.

The Baltic States: modern flair, extensive nature and charming authenticity - three countries, one travel destination!

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Estonia is an incredible destination consisting of medieval cities, islands with beautiful beaches and unbelievable scenery. The beautiful capital city of Tallinn is a charming blend of medieval tranquility and modern urban life. A truly impressive city combining history, culture and architecture into a wondrous blend of experiences. Explore the winding cobbled streets and hidden courtyards in the extremely well-preserved old town with its great wall, turrets and towers which are on the UNESCO world heritage list. Estonia’s many islands offer an enormous amount of charm and ancient history, with the most popular Estonian islands being Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, and Vormsi.


The Baltic region has an incredibly interesting history and accordingly has a rich cultural heritage. During the period of Soviet rule, the Baltic States were largely isolated, but after independence in 1990/1991 they developed enormously - without losing their original charm. Countless museums in Riga and Tallinn describe the development of the countries, and charming old towns invite you to stroll through the past. The Lithuanian capital Vilnius - also called "Pearl of the Baroque" - is still an insider tip and has many great restaurants, galleries and architecturally unique buildings.


A tapestry of sea, lakes and woods, Latvia is best described as a vast and unspoiled country with an enchanting and exciting capital city of Riga.  The Hanseatic city of Riga; the capital of Art Nouveau, is an art and culture lover’s paradise with castles, cathedrals and churches a plenty. Not to miss in Latvia is also the Gauja National Park, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. The park boasts stunning views of the 200 million years old Gauja River Valley and diverse pristine nature. Other nature highlights are the Daugava River, the sandy beaches, and Kemeri Natural Park featuring unique wetlands.