Norway attracts a wide spectrum of visitors. The sixth largest country in Europe captivates us all with its varied nature and spectacular scenery. 

Every season in Norway has its own individual charm and invites you to enjoy a wide range of natural and cultural experiences. Large areas of the country turn into a pleasant orange-red countryside in the autumn, a sight you want to walk into and feel the wind in your face. The Norwegian winter also means unique natural adventures – among so much else, this is the best chance to see the northern lights. Finally, in spring, the fruit trees on the fjords are in full bloom and the radiant colours return. Norway is a hiking paradise with its mountains, fjords and countless groups of islands.

As much as the Norwegian nature is amazing, so are the people that inhabit it. Their past and influence on how the western world was shaped make a very interesting story that can be in the experienced everywhere, especially in the charming towns and cities. 


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Last but not least Norway is also known for its breathtaking fjords. The sight of the impressive mountains with their thundering waterfalls, which surrounds the fjords, is unique and shows the power of beauty and raw nature at the same time.

A boat trip on the fantastic Sognefjord or a rail trip with the famous Flåmsbana will let you discover the variations of the Norwegian fjord nature. Climbing the legendary rock formation Preikestolen and driving along breathtaking roads such as Trollstigen or the Atlantic Road (Atlanterhavsveien) are both things you must experience.


You can reach the island groups Lofoten and Vesterålen with for example a ship from the popular Hurtigruten. Here await you white sandy beaches on azure blue water alongside romantic fishing villages, surrounded by fjords and fells. This idyllic scenery invites you on walks, where the beauty of the nature with its peace and quiet and the gigantic mountain ranges will get your full attention. A walk on the Oversøykammen (443 km) in the morning is an amazing experience. When you arrive at the summit, a breathtaking panorama of the beautiful surroundings will be revealed. For the afternoon, we recommend a breather on the dream beach of Haukland.


It is a very special experience for many Scandinavia fans to stand on the North Cape and look down on the Arctic Ocean. From the plateau of the North Cape, which rises about 307 meters out of the sea, you have a fantastic view if the weather is good. It is particularly beautiful to visit the North Cape in summer, when at night you can see the legendary midnight sun above the horizon. The sight of twinkling green northern lights in the background behind the famous globe-sculpture, the symbol of the North Cape, is also a unique experience.


Tromsø in Norwegian Lappland is a modern arctic town and also the largest town in northern Norway. At the “Gate to the Arctic” as the town is called, nature and culture are closely connected. Tromsø is very suitable as a base for winter holidays and offers a large selection of winter activities, such as dog sledging, snowshoe hikes, reindeer sleigh rides and northern lights safaris.


Ice, crystal clear air, stillness: all adventurers who dare to pass the so-called “end of the world”, the magical border of the North Cape, expect these things. Svalbard – as Spitzbergen is called in Norwegian – means “cool coast”, a very fitting name, as more than half the area of Svalbard is covered by ice the whole year round. However, the German name ‘Spitzbergen’ also says a lot – the world of the Artic is a paradise for fans of mountain hikes, adventurous nature lovers and real animal lovers. An average temperature of -7◦C offers optimal living conditions for arctic foxes, reindeer and of course, polar bears.