Iceland also known as the island of fire and ice, is the perfect travel destination for nature lovers. No other country has such a varied and contrasting nature as Iceland! Ice-blue glaciers, exciting volcanoes, roaring waterfalls and hot springs make the Icelandic landscape truly unique. The most famous attractions can be reached from the exciting capital of Reykjavik, making a city break also possible while visiting Iceland.

During the wintertime you can experience the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, and enjoy an amazing natural light show!

 Iceland is the land of contrasts. The combination of fire and ice has created an enormously diverse landscape that can hardly be found anywhere else on the planet. Icy rivers, freezing cold, roaring waterfalls, bubbling hot springs, active volcanoes and lava formations are some of the fantastic landscapes that come together to make Iceland so special. Iceland is the perfect travel destination for adventure lovers, but also for all those who simply seek space and fresh air to breathe deeply and escape the hectic everyday life.

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The south of Iceland is the most popularly visited part of the country. With highlights such as the capital of Reykjavik, the famous "Golden Circle" and the unique Blue Lagoon, the region attracts many visitors each year. One of our favorite places is Reynisfjara, whose location between volcanoes and the sea nestled on the black sand beach, creates a sensational natural backdrop. The puffins nesting in the cliffs complete this view and make the stop at Reynisfjara a unique Icelandic experience!


The famous Jökullsárlon glacial lake is in southeast Iceland. We recommend a boat trip in an amphibious vehicle to the icebergs to experience them up and close. The icebergs exist in a wide variety of colors and shapes: from bright white to deep blue - some small, some large and some right in front of the boat, this is an unforgettable experience! With a bit of luck, you can see seals sunbathing on the ice floes.


The Northern part of Iceland seems unapproachable to many – but it is only a flight or a drive away. The charming town of Akureyri, with its almost 18,000 inhabitants is the capital of the Northern part of the island. Beautifully situated on a fjord, fascinating sights can be reached from Akureyri such as Lake Myvatn, with incredible geological features, and a wealth of flora and fauna. Also exciting sites such as “Hverfjall” crater, the unsually shapped lava fields of “Dimmuborgir” and the bubbling hot mud springs at Námaskard are in the immediate vicinity of Akureyri.  


The western part of Iceland boasts the breathtaking Snæfellsjokull glacier, which is located on the almost 100 km long Snæfellsnes peninsula. A spectacular coastline with often rough seas offers a unique panorama setting. A very special experience is a ride on an Icelandic horse, this is possible both in the area around Snæfellsjokull and in other parts of the country. Icelandic horses are iconic for the island, with almost one horse per three inhabitants on the island!