Finland is characterized by lakes, forests, the love of saunas and a fascinating history resulting from the country´s position between the East and the West. Explore the lesser known sibling of the Nordics during this two-week round trip through southern Finland.


Daily  from 01.05. - 30.09.2022


Day 1: Helsinki
Welcome to the capital of Finland: Helsinki. This is the youngest and northernmost capital of Europe. The vibrant seaside city is full of life and offers a wide variety of historic, active and relaxing activities.

Day 2 & 3: Lappeenranta
Today, you will drive to Porvoo, a charming medieval town with colourful wooden houses and cobbled streets. Proceed to Kuovola and Lappeenranta for a cruise on lake Saimaa or visit the Linnoitus fortress of Lappeenranta with the oldest orthodox church in Finland and several museums.

Day 4 & 5: Rantasalmi
Drive along the Finnish-Russian border to Savonlinna, situated on three islands build around St. Olafs Slot. You will stay two nights in Rantasalmi, famous for its amazing scenery in the Linnansaari National Park. On the second day we recommend a cruise, you might be lucky and see the endangered Saimaa ringed seals.  

Day 6 & 7: Koli
Head towards Koli, located in the picturesque Koli National Park. The highlight of the park is the fourth largest lake in Finland, Pielinen. The beautiful scenery has attracted and inspired many Finnish artists, photographers and nature lovers. 

Day 8 & 9: Vuokatti
Drive north along Lake Pielinen and continue through deep forests to today’s destination: Vuokatti. Experience the captivating summer by the crystal blue lakes in the heart of arctic Lakeland.

Day 10: Kalajoki
On the program for today is the scenic drive to the coastal town of Kalajoki. The city is situated on the shores of the Bothnia Gulf and known for its sandy beaches.  

Day 11: Tampere
Drive via Pietarsaari Tampere and visit Skata, one of the largest wooden house neighborhoods in Finland. Later during the day, you will arrive in Tampere, where you will stay the night.   

Day 12: Turku
The historic town of Turku deserves a visit with its impressive castle, market hall and the Åbo Dom Church. We recommend a visit of Sibelius Museum as well. Or how about a food walk? Contact Nordic Tours to include this in your itinerary.

Day 14: Helsinki
Drive back to Helsinki and spend the rest of the day exploring Helsinki. A visit of the famous Temppeliaukio Church, or Church of the Rock, is an unforgettable experience. We also recommend a visit of the world heritage site Suomenlinna south of the city.

Saturday Sauna day
The relaxing experience of sitting in a sauna, sweating it out and rolling in the snow or jumping in an icy lake afterwards, is a deeply rooted part of the Finnish culture. The first saunas in Finland are believed to date back to 7000 BC. Traditionally, they were a practical place to wash when there was no running water available during the long, cold winters, but it was also a sterile place and therefore used for childbirth. Nowadays saunas are the heart of the Finnish lifestyle, the place to wind down and to contemplate, but also to be together with friends and family. Contact us for more information on including a traditional sauna experience in your programs. How about a tour on a sauna boat, or even a bus?