Sandy beaches, stunning archipelago and beautiful lakes: Sweden particularly impresses with its long coastline and many rivers, canals and large inland lakes such as Vänern and Vättern, which attract both active holidaymakers and those seeking relaxation.

Cosmopolitans are not to be neglected on this tour because idyllic small towns such as the candy cane town of Gränna as well as large cities such as Jönköping, Malmö and Sweden’s versatile capital Stockholm are included in this tour. 

There is also plenty of time to admire the Swedish Kingdom around Växjö or the impressive Göta Canal with it’s impressive locks, such as the lock system at Berg or the locks of the charming city, Trollhättan. A cruise along the canal through the locks from Berg to Borgensberg is highly recommended!

All destinations have one thing in common: they are located near the coast! On this tour, versatile Sweden presents itself from it’s maritime side. 


15.05-15.09 2022


Day 1: Malmö 
Individual arrival in Malmö, the 16th century Malmöhus Castle is a particularly popular attraction in Malmö. The architecturally unique “Turning Torso” building which opened in 2005 is now also an iconic landmark of Malmö. Beach lovers should not miss the 2,5-kilometer-long “Ribersborg Beach”. 

Day 2: Malmö – Karlskrona
Continue via Kristianstad to Karlskrona a town on the coast of Southern Sweden that is divided into several small islands and has many great beaches. The marine harbor in Karlskrona is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is worth a visit. 

Day 3: Karlskrona – Jönköping
The journey continues through the Swedish Empire via Växjö to Jönköping, a stopover at one of the many glassblowing shops is well worthwhile. Jönköping is located on Lake Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden. We recommend an evening stroll through the historic city center on the east side of Munksjön. 

Day 4: Jönköping – Stockholm
Today the journey continues along Lake Vättern, via Linköping, Norrköping and finally to the Swedish capital, Stockholm. On the way we recommend a stop in the cozy town of Gränna, which is famous for its candy canes. The island of Visingö, easily accessible by ferry from Gränna, is also worth a visit. Additionally, a visit at the Göta Canal at Borgensberg lock is worth a stop.  

Day 5: Discover Stockholm
Today explore the wonderful city, known as the “Venice of the North”. The metropolis offers endless possibilities The ABBA Museum, the Royal Castle, and the Vasa Museum are popular attractions. The “Långholmen” Beach on the island of the same name, northwest of Södermalm is ideal for long walks.

Day 6: Stockholm – Karlstad
Passing many lakes of different sizes, the journey continues via Örebro, and Kristinehamn to Karlstad. The city lies at the mouth of 500 km long Klarälven River in Lake Vänern – the largest lake in Sweden – and therefore offers countless of walking possibilities.

Day 7: Karlstad – Gothenburg
Continue via Vänersborg and Trollhättan to Gothenburg. It would be a good idea to stop in Trollhättan and take a short walk along the Göta Canal. The lock area is truly impressive! A visit to the famous Fiskkyrka – Fish Church featuring fantastic fresh seafood daily, is a highlight while in Gothenburg. 

Day 8: Discover Gothenburg
A trip to the beautiful island of Marstrand, about 45 km northwest of Gothenburg is highly recommended. Beach lovers can alternatively visit “Askimbadet” beach in Gothenburg where you can soak up the sun on a flat, sandy beach with adjacent spacious green areas.

Day 9: Göteborg – Helsingborg
Continue South along Sweden’s West coast via Varberg and Halmstad to Helsingborg with a possible stopover at Tylösand Beach in Halmstad – a paradise for all water sports enthusiasts. Once in Helsingborg a trip to Sofiero Palace Park, about 5 km north of the city is well worth a visit.

Day 10: Return Journey home from Helsingborg