Dear valued customers and partners,

as usual, we at NORDIC TOURS are here to help you every day – we have remained a strong team of 25 employees. We also had to adapt during the Covid-19 crisis and consequently had to switch our loyal employees to temporary short time work. We can work from home as recommended – this also allows us to protect the health of our employees, which is very important to us.

We are very pleased about the gradual normalization of travels to Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

All our guests – groups and individuals – travelling with us this summer throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic countries are very satisfied and enjoy a splendid holiday. The hoteliers are extremely hospitable and guests can feel safe. 

For most EU and Schengen citizens, it is possible to enter Scandinavia and the Baltic States - at least if you are fully vaccinated. Pay attention to the entry regulations of the destination country as well as the travel advice of your respective country.

Scandinavia is generally known as a safe, green and clean travel destination. Lots of fresh air, nature and space which your guests will appreciate in a post corona world. It is of course important to adhere to the usual hygiene and social distancing rules. Fortunately, with so much vast nature keeping a social distance is very easy!

Our team was very proud of our 20th anniversary last year and looks to the future with great pride. As a customer and supplier, you will certainly pay more attention than ever to having a respected and solid partner with a AAA rating.

We look forward to a further normalization of travel and look to the 2022 season with great optimism. We wish all of you to stay healthy, strong and optimistic, and look forward to plenty of fantastic journeys together in the future.

Hanne Mikkelsen
Owner and Director